In Store Services

Here you will find a list of most of the services that we offer in our retail location. Almost anything that you need, should fit into one of the many categories with its description and price. Here at Personalized Computers we take great pride in meeting our customers needs.

List of Services

Software Suite Installation or Repair
Service includes the installation, repair, or troubleshooting of one software suite package (ex. MS Office, AVG Anti-Malware, etc.). Our technicians will also check the software suite to ensure correct operation. The Software Suite is not included. $55.00
Single Title Software Installation
Service includes everything from Bookkeeping software to Games — Technicians will install a single software title, and check the software to ensure correct operation. Service excludes operating system installation. Software not included. $25.00
Insurance Estimate
We can provide an estimate for insurance purposes. Technicians will provide you with an accurate estimated cost for repair(s) or replacement as needed. $99.00
Operating System Installation
Service includes the installation or upgrade of the Microsoft Windows operating system that is best suited for your hardware configuration. Technicians will install the Operating System; all needed drivers, and all critical operating system updates. Operating System Software not included. $99.00
Hardware Installation
Service includes the installation of one PC compatible internal or external hardware device onto your computer and the bundled software. I.e. Graphics/ (video card), hard drives, and optical drives are all examples of compatible hardware. This service includes both desktops and laptops. Hardware not included. $35.00
Service includes system troubleshooting to determine what the cause of the systems problems is. This is done through a series of system checks and diagnostics. Once we identify the problem, we'll advise you how to get your computer back up and running in the most cost effective manner. $60.00
Computer Cleaning
Do you have dust buildup? — Dust happens to be one of your computer's worst nightmares. The amassing of dust and debris in your computer case can shorten the life of your system. They obstruct crucial airflow that the system needs to combat heat, often creating irreparable damage. Technicians will clean dust and debris from the case, fans, and drives. $15.00
Computer Optimization
Service includes deleting unnecessary files and redundant background processes. Technicians will also update your PC with the most recent operating system updates to safeguard against security threats. $29.00
Data Backup or Transfer
Ever lost important data or files that cost you time and aggravation? Service includes the transfer of vital copies of your computer's files in case of an irreversible crash. Technicians will transfer up to 10GB of your computer's crucial data or files to another PC, CD/DVD, or external device $99.00
Hard Drive Erasure
Service includes the removal of all your confidential files and personal information from the hard drive using the DoD 5220.22-M standard. Don’t be caught in a position where someone can retrieve your private data. $49.00
Superior Diagnostic, Repair & Prevention
Service includes in depth diagnostic, cleaning, virus/spyware removal, OS repair, software repair/updates, and optimization. PLUS installation of protection software to keep your computer safe and sound. Protection Software & Installation Included. $345.00
Typical Protection & System Optimization
Service includes an optimization of your computer's performance. A technician will customize your computer to meet your wants and remove all unnecessary files and redundant background processes. Along with all critical updates. Technicians will also install and configure protection software to guard against viruses and spyware. All Software is included. $185.00
Enhanced Protection & System Optimization
Service includes Typical Protection & System Optimization. In addition: a technician will create a restore CD/DVD of your computer information in the event of a system crash. $205.00
Data Transfer
Transfer up to 10GB of data/files from one computer to anoth $50.00
Virus/Spyware Removal
Total removal of malicious programs on your computer. Together with, but not limited to, Trojans, Virus, Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, Hijackers & BHOs. $129.00
Computer Check-Up
Do you feel that your computer need to see a doctor? A technician will remove dust and grime from the case, fans and drives. Moreover the technician will verify proper storage space and defragment the hard disk drive. $35.00
RAM (Memory) Installation
A technician will Install additional system RAM (memory) into a PC or Notebook. The additional RAM (memory) not included. $25.00
Computer Setup
Service includes the configuration of the computer for its users. In addition, the technician will customize system resources to your wants, install system updates, and install up to two additional software applications. Software not included. $59.00
Computer Service by the Hour
Prefer to pay as you go for any type of computer service? We can help with software installation, MP3 players, wireless networks, PDAs, digital cameras, system infections (virus/spyware) and much more. $50.00
Data Recovery
Have you lost your data due to unintentionally erasing that data? Or possible losses due to a failing hard drive? A technician will retrieve the data and transfer the data to a secure location. $199.00
Laptop A/C Jack Repair
Does your Laptop no longer charge? Do you need you’re A/C jack repaired? We can repair the A/C jack on your laptop, so that you’re back up and going. Cost does not include the A/C jack itself. $99.00

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